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Never Back is a new venture by some bros from the Midwest, and if you’re a regular reader of my weekly ‘Things We Want‘ feature then you know by now that I love supporting bros with the entrepreneurial spirit. Since they’re a relatively new outfit Never Back only has three styles right now (The Golden Bear, From Sea To Shining Sea, and Old Glory), but what they lack in options they more than make up for with craftsmanship and style.

They’re trying to find some sort of casual Midwestern stylistic balance while maintaining hints of the traditional ‘preppy’ style found all along the Eastern Seaboard, and they’ve more than achieved that goal with their three belts. So if you bros are interested in supporting a couple of Midwesterners trying to take on the titans of the fashion industry then follow that link below to buy your belt today and/or learn more about Never Back belts. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram if you’re looking for more pictures of the belts.

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