The Golden Bear

The Golden Bear

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“My game hit rock bottom after my defeat at the ’96 Tour Championship.  My swing fell apart.  I’d slice any club higher than a 6 iron.  I had no confidence on the green.  A trainer suggested I wear The Golden Bear while I play and it has worked wonders.  Now I’ve exorcised my demons and have three gold jackets to my name, all thanks to The Golden Bear.” 
– Shooter McGavin

For the best fit, we recommend you order your belt two inches up from your normal waist size.  For example, if your waist is 32 inches, we recommend you order a 34 belt.

The Golden Bear alternates golf equipment and pins on a kelly green background with dark brown leather.  It is 1 ¼” in height, features a 1 ¾” brass buckle, and is made with high-quality pearl cotton.

Like man’s best friend, your belt will give strangers a reason to talk to you, protect you from harm, and love you unconditionally.  In return, we hope you treat your belt with the same level of care.

Please do not soak the belt in water as it will damage both the leather and the binding of the needlepoint section.  If your belt needs a thorough cleaning, we recommend taking it to the dry cleaners.